Marian Hill Find Themselves In The Creepiest Library In The “Subtle Thing” Music Video: Watch

marian hill subtle thing video
marian hill subtle thing video youtube

This is literally the trippiest, creepiest and scariest music video I’ve seen in a while. I’m talking about Marian Hill’s music video for “Subtle Thing”, the duo’s brand new single. Directed by Sam Cannon, the music video takes place in a library where very strange things will happen. And the Marian Hill members will actually seem unafraid by these creepy happenings. And I’m not sure I can relate, and believe their reactions. If I were in that library, I would be sh*tting myself in fear.

But you know what, even if this is the creepiest music video I’ve seen in a while, I actually liked it. It must’ve be the colors, the treatment really making a good cohesion with the spooky vibe of the song, and all in all I just found this entertaining, and quite unique.

If you hadn’t heard Marian Hill’s “Subtle Thing” yet then start connecting and loving this song with the music video below!

By on February 22, 2018
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