Mariah Carey Looks Flawless & Stunning As She Celebrates She Sent Her Lover To "GTFO": Music Video Premiere!

mariah carey gtfo video
mariah carey gtfo video premiere

Did you really think a disappointed Mariah Carey would look awful, in bad clothes, with her make-up destroyed, etc, after she kicked out her undeserving lover from her home? HELL NO! Click the play button below and discover how a “disappointed” Mariah Carey would look in that situation (f*cking flawless and unbothered of course!!!).


This is the music video for her “GTFO” buzz song she released on digital platforms yesterday. A day later the music video is here. And it is so fabulous! We basically get to see a stunning Mariah Carey, in her finest lingerie, sipping red wine, caressing herself and twirling everywhere at her home (the kitchen, the living room, the bed). Does she look disappointed? Not really no. She looks relieved!

REMEMBER: Mimi’s 15th album is coming soon and the REAL FIRST SINGLE “With You” is premiering the first week of October.

By on September 14, 2018

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