Mariah Carey Lip-Syncs "Meteorite" at 2014 World Music Awards: Watch

mariah carey performs at world music awards

This year’s World Music Awards have been a mess. From technical issues that forced the taping to be postponed from mid-May to May 27 in Monaco, Sharon Stone stepping down from being the host, and Pamela Anderson and Jason Derulo getting “hired” in the last minute, to Mariah Carey’s 4-hour delay to the show’s taping, making everybody already at the venue wait, to WMA organization failing to send the final cut of the taping to NBC for its US broadcast the following day at 8 p.m (Mariah was certainly for blame!), NBC getting pissed and ultimately deciding to never broadcast the 2014 World Music Awards. It was all a mess.

But this mess has finally seen the light of day on TV. A UK network world premiered the May-taped World Music Awards 2014 on Sunday night (August 3). We finally had the opportunity to watch the only anticipated performance at the awards, which was Mariah's very delayed performance of "Meteorite", off her latest album "Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse”. At the time, “Meteorite” had been released as an iTunes countdown single I believe, that’s why Mariah decided to give this song performance a go. Why isn’t she promoting her new CD anymore, though? It’s upsetting.

"Meteorite" World Music Awards 2014 Performance Review

Holy miming! She was four hours delayed and she dared to lip-sync? Not a good look for you Mimi! Having a disco theme, male dancers showing off their new yello Nike sneakers, fireworks bursting into the air, and Mariah showing 'curves' and cleavage in a very tight black dress, the “Meteorite” performance entertaining and fun to watch, but it’s very sad to see a diva like Mariah (who still has a decent voice despite the passing of years) performing such an obvious lip-sync.


mariah carey is a diva at world music awards
By on August 4, 2014
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