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Louis Tomlinson Drops New Single "Miss You", Transitions To Rock: Stream Now!

louis tomlinson miss you

After two singles, Louis Tomlinson is finally ready to leave the electronic beats behind and embrace “real” music, in the sense of having real instruments on his songs. The One Direction star that has (like his other One Direction friends) gone solo has released his third solo single titled “Miss You”. And unlike “Just Hold On” (ft. Steve Aoki) and “Back to You” (ft. Bebe Rexha), “Miss You” is a track with a clear rock vibe. Not solo Harry Styles rock style but more of a commercial rock sound, but the detail doesn’t matter really, the point is Louis finally has real instruments in his music and could be indicative of the new material to come. “Miss You” is available right now on digital, streaming platforms so go on and destroy that “play” button if you wish.

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Should be laughing, but there’s something wrong / And it hits you when the lights go on / Shit, maybe I miss you”, sings Louis in the chorus of his new single. “Miss You” is a song where Louis will realize maybe he shouldn’t have been so stubborn and he should call his ex to say “I’m sorry” because evidently he still hasn’t been able to erase her from his memories, and that could be, Louis thinks, because he still loves her. Louis’ rock-y “Miss You” has a cool carefree vibe, some British slang usage, and it’s definitely entertaining to the ear, but single material? We think not. We don’t want to be early pessimist, but “Miss You” sounds like it could be Louis’ worst performing single to date. We like commercial rock but we don’t think Louis quite “got” it in this attempt.

By on November 30, 2017
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