Lizzo’s “Juice” Is THE Bop To Start 2019 With: Song Premiere

lizzo juice

Oh my Lizzo. This is a major bop. 2019 HAS to be her year.

My beloved gurl Lizzo dropped Friday morning a brand new single titled "Juice". The song is a 70s-inspired bop, it's sassy and it's Lizzo serving female funky-fied Bruno Mars realness.

And she didn't just drop the audio yesterday, she also gave us the visual.

Have a first experience and let's discuss right after:

THAT WAS HOT, wasn't it?

It hurts my mind and heart to see Lizzo not being a global superstar yet. What's the matter? I blame it on America sleeping on this ARTIST (capital letters required). She needs to break locally for then the world to follow. If "Juice" still doesn't make it for her, then I say use a different strategy. Because I refuse to die without seeing Lizzo as a worldwide-acclaimed diva. Maybe get her to collaborate on a Top 40 artist's next single? Maybe that can do the trick. You know sometimes that's the only way America can give a underrated, underground artist a shot. Lizzo's team better be working on securing that collaboration already.

But focusing back on "Juice", it is another feel-good bop from our queen Lizzo. She just knows how to do feel-good good, she always serves production value, and she just knows how we love to hear her be the life of every party. "Juice" is a party and Lizzo is the star. What a BEAST of a song this was. Loved it from start to finish and I honestly didn't want it to stop. I was so captivated and in the groove. I nodded, I moved my feet, I snap fingers and I just closed my eyes and imagine myself killing it at the club and pressing my booty up against my friend Lizzo's as we danced like there was no tomorrow.

This is THE bop to start 2019 with, y'all. I'm telling you. I just played it and my Saturday is looking much brighter. Come on America, give Lizzo's her much-deserved BIG BREAK this year. It's only fair.

Also, can I have some ragu right about now with lots of juicy sauce? Thank you.

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By on January 5, 2019

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