Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me” Is Ariana Grande Meets Beyoncé, Here’s Why: Song Premiere

little mix woman like me

The first single from the upcoming Little Mix fifth studio album was released this Friday morning everywhere. The song, produced by Steve Mac, is titled “Woman Like Me”, it features Nicki Minaj, and it is a reggae-ish pop track. What’s the song exactly about? Here’s what Little Mix had to say: “Our new single is all about celebrating incredible women in every shape and form. We don’t feel like there are enough places to celebrate women right now…so we wanted to make one!”.

Without further ado, please have your first listen:


Well... you know I adore the Little Mix girls but I am not loving this. I’m all up for girl power, what they wanted to convey with this song is great, but “Woman Like Me” is simply, in my humble opinion, not a good first single. I really didn’t get excited at any point of the song and overall I thought this was very…. I don’t know if “cheap” is the right word, but possibly underwhelming, and dated-ish. The production of the verses is so “Side to Side” (Ariana Grade) and the chorus is very “Diva” (Beyoncé). I mean, if I were Beyoncé, I would sue (lol).

So… I’m gong to need a spectacular music video to make up for this truly underwhelming song. And I’m sure it’s going to be a hit in the UK anyway but the truth must be spoken.

By on October 12, 2018

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