Little Mix, Pink, Sam Smith & More Do "X Factor UK" 2017 Finale: Watch Performances!

little mix x factor uk 2017
sam smith x factor uk 2017

The 2017 edition of X Factor UK is over, it finished with the finale episode last night, December 3, where four-piece band Rak-Su were crowned winners (they were Team Simon Cowell). Congratulations to them but now let’s move the most important part of the finale episode, which obviously wasn’t the winner (we got no excitement whatsoever from this season of X Factory UK, sorry). The star performers at the grand finale were: Pink, Sam Smith, Little Mix & CNCO, Louis Tomlinson and PRETTYMUCH. Pink performed a medley consisting of “What About Us” and “Beautiful Trauma” (no aerial acrobatics this time, sorry), Sam Smith performed his new single “One Last Song”, Little Mix and CNCO performed their “Reggaeton Lento Remix” collaboration, Louis Tomlinson performed his underwhelming new single “Miss You”, and PRETTYMUCH performed their new single “No More” (PRETTYMUCH flew to London to appear on X Factor UK only because Simon Cowell is their boss. And this is such a shame (nothing against the guys, because I know they’re talented), and a shame Simon should feel because inviting PRETTYMUCH instead of Fifth Harmony for instance? Not sure why Simon is serving PRETTYMUCH everything on a silver platter when they haven’t produced a single major hit yet despite all the promo money invested on them. And Simon is now leaving Fifth Harmony out of the way having to work their butts off promoting in random places? Not fair. The girls deserved a performance on the X Factor finale).

Best guest performance of Sunday night? Little Mix & CNCO’s performance hands down. They brought the hands down, but Little Mix a bit more keeping it real. It was an electrifying performance and I was amazingly surprised by how good the girls sounded despite all the heavy dancing! Pure slayage.

By on December 4, 2017

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