Little Mix Have Nothing To Hide In “Strip” Music Video

little mix strip video
little mix strip music video

Little Mix premiered Friday their music video for “Strip”, one of the songs from their new album “LM5” fans are loving the most because of their feminist, body-positivity and self loving message. The music video represents these values exactly. Entirely in black and white, the “Strip” music video will show the Little Mix girls with barely no make-up singing along to the inspiring lyrics as they dance, twerk, and show their true selves to the camera. They will be joined by a group of women of diverse ages, sizes and ethnicities who will also have a great time dancing to the song without any fear of public scrutiny.

This is one of my favorites on “LM5” too and I'm so happy it's received a music video this early in the era and such a good one too. And sorry if I sound too annoying, but again, why did little mix include “Woman Like Me” in the album in the first place if it clearly wasn't on the level of the rest of tracks on the album? Was it just because to finally get that Nicki Minaj collaboration?

By on November 17, 2018

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