Listen To Fifth Harmony’s “Dame Esta Noche”, The Spanish Version Of “Worth It” (Stream)

fifth harmony dame esta noche

Oh dear god. Why? I know Epic Records is doing everything they can to make Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” enter the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 but shortcuts aren’t really necessary. Last night, July 10, the Spanish version of “Worth It” titled “Dame Esta Noche" (literally means “give me this night”) was released on iTunes – without any prior warning. This surely is an Epic strategy to seduce the Latin market in the US into ‘connecting’ with “Worth It” via the Spanish version “Dame Esta Noche”. I guess their reasoning is: “if these guys love this new version then they might also buy the original one”.

What I meant about ‘shortcuts’ before was that if you want to success, you have to work hard and produce only quality work and unfortunately this isn’t the case of Fifth Harmony’s “Dame Esta Noche”. Epic took a shortcut; evidently forcing this Spanish version to be recorded in 30 minutes or less. “Dame Esta Noche” is just tragic. Some of the lyrics sound out of sync with the melody/production, the lyrics are beyond dumb – even the “dame esta noche” lyric makes no sense – they’ve turned a ‘sexy’ song into a racy, nasty one, Lauren is nowhere in the song despite her actually speaking good Spanish, what the hell is Kid Ink doing in this version?, I mean... this is all just tragic. I AM in favor of Fifth Harmony recording music in Spanish but they gotta do it right and not rushed. I’m sure Epic Records will send “Dame Esta Noche” to Latin radios anyway so I’m just hoping this does help “Worth It” in the end. That’s it. I like Fifth Harmony so I don’t want to rant no more.

‘Enjoy’ the girls’ “Dame Esta Noche”, if you can, below.


By on July 11, 2015

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