Listen: Jennifer Hudson Returns With New Single "Remember Me" - A Finger-Snapping Bop!

jennifer hudson remember me cover

Jennifer Hudson is enjoying popularity right now in the UK as she’s one of the coaches of “The Voice” in the European country this year and apparently she’s planning on exploiting this surge in love moment. How? She’s releasing new music! (duh). J-Hud’s new single “Remember Me” (yeah - she released an album called “I Remember Me” in 2011 but this new song has nothing to do with it) hit iTunes and Spotify this Friday morning without any prior warning from Jennifer (although she’s now promoting the hell out of it on Twitter, etc).

Remember Me” is R&B-soul song that starts kind of slow but that quickly picks up the pace and turns into a mid-tempo finger-snapping bop. Add some strings to it and here we have Jennifer’s best song in a long time.

It’s not clear yet whether Jennifer plans to promote this in the UK only (would be the most logic move) or also in the US but that we will find out rather soon. For now let’s enjoy the fantastic return of the HUD. “Remember Me” may be R&B-soul but it’s so fresh-sounding that no radio format will have an issue with it.


By on March 3, 2017

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