Listen: Avril Lavigne Premieres New Single "Rock And Roll" [Review]

Here's now the world premiere of Avril Lavigne's brand new single "Rock And Roll". The Max Martin-produced anthemic pop/rock track is the follow-up to "Here's To Never Growing Up", and therefore the second official offering from the Canadian singer's upcoming yet-untitled fifth studio album due in stores this September via Epic Records.

Avril Lavigne unveiled the audio of "Rock And Roll" in full during the night of Friday, July 18th, by playing a little tweet-to-unlock game with fans. When the 100% mark was reached on the first 'box' on the new website "" (especially created to promote the new single), thanks to the massive number of tweets by fans and #1 Trending Topics across the world, "Rock And Roll" got premiered.

"Rock And Roll" rocks! I like it much better than "Here's To Never Growing Up". I wonder why this wasn't picked as first single?. I understand the commercial, and radio appeal of 'HTNGU', but "Rock And Roll" sounds more like 2013 Avril, if you know what I mean?. "Rock And Roll" has an epic production, cheeky lyrics - that speak of, 'when you're in a relationship, you and your partner in love should be all that matters, f*ck everyone else or what they think! - and a catchy melody. I'm not sure on what peak can "Rock And Roll" get on the charts, though (as I stated above 'HTNGU' is indeed more 'radio-friendly' and it reached #20). But, I'm expecting Avril to give us a killer music video that will maybe help the single some. By the way, the 'Sk8er Boi' fans should especially stand up for this single!

Hit or Miss?

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By on July 19, 2013

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