Lauren Jauregui Serves ‘Hottest Woman Alive’ On ‘Galore’ Magazine

lauren jauregui galore

Lauren Jauregui’s solo career launch isn't having the strong impact we all though it was going to have fun but that isn't making Lauren one tiny bit sad, at least from the photos we see on her Galore magazine feature. Lauren is all smiles proving she is undoubtedly one of the hottest women alive. She stuns on the cover and on the rest of photos.

Which is your favorite?

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lauren jauregui galore magazine
lauren jauregui galore photo

But yeah, “Expectations” isn't doing that well on the charts. Sucks because it would have been nice Lauren's first solo single was a smash hit but oh well; it'll be the second single then. And if I were Lauren I would make my next single sound a little different. I would get that radio-friendly hit first to shut up many hateful mouths and then keep going with her ‘big singer’ stuff.

UPDATE: Here are more photos from Lauren's 'Galore' spread.

By on November 28, 2018

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