Lana del Rey - 'Brooklyn Baby' [Premiere - Full Song]

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A new Lana del Rey iTunes countdown single preceding the release of the NYC songstress’ forthcoming album ‘Ultraviolence’ (in stores June 17th) has just been liberated! It is ‘Brooklyn Baby’, it’s track No. 4 on 'Ultraviolence', and it's inspired by Lana del Rey's boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill.

Barrie-James O'Neill is a co-writer on the ‘Brooklyn Baby', and it's him supporting Lana with a few ad-libs in the final seconds of the song.

lana del rey and boyfriend barrie

‘Brooklyn Baby' is to date our favourite track Lana’s unveiled this era. It’s better than ‘Ultraviolence’, ‘Shades of Cool’, and ‘West Coast', yes, even better than the lead single! Lana sounds glorious in the verses of ‘Brooklyn Baby’, and she sounds just heavenly in the chorus. You can tell that the fact Lana is singing to her man it makes her give an extra ‘oomph’ in the song. ‘Brooklyn Baby’ is such a peaceful, romantic and f*cking awesome track… oh, it’s the fact that Lana uses the F-word once in the song what forced this song to be labelled as 'explicit' on iTunes. Really?

Hit or Miss?

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Update: VEVO audio video now available!

By on June 7, 2014
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