Lali & Pabllo Vittar Are The Hottest Babes In “Caliente” Music Video

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lali caliente video
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How am I JUST hearing this now?

Argentine singer Lali released a new album called “Brava” this 2018 summer and in it there was a collaboration with Brazilian drag queen singer Pabllo Vittar titled “Caliente”. And today’s the first day I’m hearing about it. BLASPHEMY! I have sinned, I ask for your forgiveness.

I found out about this song (I stan so much for Pabllo Vittar) because the music video premiered last night. “Caliente” has been selected as the newest single from “Brava” and I just hope it becomes a smash hit in Argentina and all of Latin America (Pabllo Vittar’s career keeps getting bigger and bigger and I love it). “Caliente” is an upbeat sexy song about the heat you feel in your body when you’re dancing and having a good time. The uptempo production feels very Latin, and very Brazilian too. It almost sounds FIFA World Cup-ish, wouldn’t you agree? I loved this song on the first listen and the music video is great too. It has a beach moment where both Lali and Pabllo Vittar show off their amazing bodies and then they will take it to an in-doors party where you will just feel the HEAT punching through your device screen.


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By on November 14, 2018

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