LA LA LA! EXID & Solji Are Back With Addictive New Song “I Love You”: New K-Pop Music!

exid i love you
exid i love you vide

K-POP group EXID released a new single called “I Love You” on Wednesday night and it is the most addictive song ever. It's funky, retro-dance, it has some cool synth-y moments, and it's just the best song I've heard so far this week (moving Rita Ora's “Falling to Pieces” to a second position). That “I love you la la la la” bit is to die for and I just can't get it out of my head. But “I Love You” is just more than a great K-POP song; it is also happy news for EXID fans as it marks the return of EXID member Solji, who had been absent from the group since December 2016 after being diagnosed with a severe case of hyperthyroidism syndrome. Solji is feeling much better now, EXID is back to being a quintet and all five girls slay in the “I Love You” music video that premiered last night as well. It's a colorful visual, all girls look amazing and I just love how so many bizarre things happen in it. For starters, I love how old model cellphones, like that Motorola phone, are trendy again.



I can't control myself. I'mma sing this wherever I go this weekend. My friends are going to kill me.

exid i love you premiere
By on November 22, 2018

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