Wrong? Keyshia Cole's Son Daniel Gibson Jr Appears In "Remember (Part 2)" Music Video: Watch

keyshia cole remember part 2 video

And the visual album continues…! Keyshia Cole unleashed this Tuesday morning (Oct. 21) the official music video for her song “Remember (Part 2)” - off her latest studio album "Point of No Return" which entered the Billboard Top 200 at #9 last week. The heart-breaking R&B ballad hears Keyshia narrating how her “ex” is trying to get back with her but that after remembering all the hurt he caused to her heart she no longer wants anything with him. Of course the man Keyshia refers to in the song is her soon-to-be-ex-husband NBA player Daniel Gibson.

keyshia cole remember part 2 video

In the beautiful visual for “Remember (Part 2)” Keyshia gives us overdramatic facial expressions as she looks trannylicious in a red lace dress next to a Yamaha piano and angelical while she walks the beach. One of the "beach" scenes sees Keyshia sitting on a rock with her real-life son Daniel Gibson JR! Wow. The kid is just the spitting image of his dad!! Now let me share my thoughts on this: do you think it's right for a young kid to appear in the video for a song whose lyrics slam his dad only because his mom is mad with his dad and she feels using the kid is the perfect revenge? The mother + son scene in the video is really pretty but I just don't think it was necessary for Daniel Gibson JR to appear in it when the song is all about bashing his father.

keyshia cole remember part 2 video


By on October 21, 2014

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