Keyshia Cole Shows Skin at Versace Mansion In "Intro (Last Tango)" Video

keyshia cole intro last tango

I told you Keyshia Cole wanted to do a visual album. Here’s yet another new music video for another track from her “Point of No Return” album. And this time it’s for the intro! Say what? Who shoots videos for the intro tracks? Well, Keyshia does apparently. The intro song of "Point of No Return” titled “Intro (Last Tango)” is actually pretty lengthy. It lasts almost three minutes. It can’t really take the status of "song", though, because its structure is really minimalist. I guess that's why Keyshia put it as an intro.

The “intro” is basically Keyshia letting us know of the theme of her new album. She’s done with the boy she’s been for years, and now she wants to live a new life.

keyshia cole intro last tango video

“Intro (Last Tango)” video review

Shot at the Versace Mansion in Miami Beach, a swimsuit-clad Keyshia takes us on a tour across the beautiful site. She lies down on a deck chair and on the main patio's floor (you can see the Versace Medusa) and later the packs her Louis Vuitton suitcase to leave her “house”, leave her man, and start a new life.

keyshia cole intro last tango music video

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By on October 9, 2014

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