Keyshia Cole - "She" [Music Video]

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Keyshia Cole gets steamy hot in the ‘girl on girl’-themed music video for “She”. The DJ Mustard-produced R&B track is the latest official single from Ms. Cole’s forthcoming album “Point Of No Return”, which will be seeing the light of day this Fall via Interscope Records. Keyshia sings in “She” about some lesbian fantasies she's dreamed of. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I can’t really see, as of this post, “She” nowhere on the Top 40 of Rhythmic radio in the U.S, but hopefully that will change soon because "She" is a really solid, and smooth R&B tune by Ms. Keyshia Cole (and a new sound from her too, maybe?) and it definitely deserves some radio love.

“She” music video review

Co-directed by Keyshia and John Colombo, the music video for the sexy “She” shows Keyshia Cola wearing wedding-y lingerie as she performs a lap dance to her ‘partner’ – a mysterious person dressed in a white suit who’s sat down on a couch in the corner of the bedroom. Before the identity of that person is unveiled, the director shows us other scenes of Keyshia strutting down the hallway, and jamming to the smooth beat of her song “She” at a gigantic, palace-y chamber donning a golden two-piece outfit and showing off her midriff. Back at the bedroom, and close to the ending of the song, Keyshia approaches to kiss the mystery person on the couch and it is then revealed that person is a Keyshia clone. Get it, gurl! So is the song really about Keyshia giving Keyshia 'some love' and not another woman? Whatever the case, she looked HOT in this video. And loving the natural-like make up she used!

keyshia cole golden outfit

What do you think of the video?

By on August 1, 2014

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