KEVIPOD Interviews Porcelain Black...

KEVIPOD Interviews Porcelain Black...

"Everything that I do is a mix of light and dark", "The contrast represents my music, my hair, my personality", that's the definition of Porcelain Black (born Alaina Marie Beaton) - The 26-year-old singer from Michigan, USA was the second addition to hitmaker producer RedOne's Universal Republic imprint, 2101 Records. Porcelain followed Mohombi on the RedOne label roster and preceded the likes of Nayer, or Havana Brown. Porcelain Black couldn't have been more lucky to find RedOne on her path. She was looking for someone who was willing to produce her 'sound'. Ms Black wanted to 'mix industrial rock sounds with dance pop'. Black has created a sound she likens to the would-be offspring of Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears. "It's industrial, dark, danceable pop," she says. "Bad ass and positive".

Porcelain's yet-untitled debut album - recorded in studios in Madrid, Sweden, N.Y. and L.A - will be released later in 2012 (between the summer and fall). Its original due date was supposed to be mid-2011 but after the cold reception of the first single This Is What Rock n' Roll Looks Like", Black had to push back the album's release date. Well, time has passed, and now Porcelain is promoting a new single, the super-catchy "Naught Naughty", for which she has been promoting non-stop at US nightclubs, and music gigs. But if this single were to unimpress on the charts too, then Black will pull another ace out of her sleeve, the third single confirmed to be "Mannequin Factory".

In the exclusive interview Porcelain Black had with us for, she unveils unknown information about her signing to RedOne's label, saying there was a 'fight' between him and Dr. Luke to get her into a recording deal. She also confirms RedOne will no longer be executive-producing her entire album, as new producers have come onboard, and BRAND NEW tracks have been recorded. Additionaly, she speaks on the 'Naught Naughty' music video situation, possible collaborations, among other stuff.

FYI: The interview with Porcelain was an 'e-mail interview' so mind the typos, upper-case words, smileys, etc, on her answers.


1. What are you up to and where are you in this very moment?

This very moment...Laying in bed waiting for Jen Rades assistant Galesa to pick up all my red carpet Grammy outfits I've been wearing all week. VERY DEPRESSING. These Gomez Gracia dresses are like fashionista crack. I'm obsessed.

2. For those unfamiliar with Porcelain Black, tell us a little about your journey to date?

Came from Detroit with a suitcase. Moved to LA. Signed with Virgin. Spent 3 years trying to get out of that deal. Re-signed with Universal Republic and now just in the studio working on music, finishing the record trying to get it out.

3. When did the idea of mixing industrial rock sounds with dance pop music come to you? Did you always know that was ‘meant’ to be your sound?

That's what I've been trying to do since day one. People 1. Don't get it or 2. a producer tries to do it and it either goes too pop or too "ROCK". It's annoying. "Rock" and "industrial" are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. But I think this time around we got it. Shits poplin off. WE WANT INDUSTRIAL.

4. You are now signed to RedOne’s 2101 label, but how did he discover you? And being an unsigned artist, did you give him an immediate ‘yes’ or did you talk about things on the ‘sound’ you were striving for first?

I was still signed to Virgin although I was trying to get out of that deal. I had EVERY label under the sun trying to sign me. I had Red One and Dr. Luke both trying to sign me so it DEFF took me a minute. I ALWAYS talk about the sound FIRST and direction FIRST. You're an idiot if you don't. That's THE MOST Important part. SOUND

5. Before going into your new album, we know you’re also a songwriter and that you have written songs for other well-known artists, and some very new like Britain’s new ‘it’ boy band One Direction, share with us a few names and titles. Also, what is the feeling of having to let go of a song you've created?

Writing songs you love always feels like giving away your first born. My songs are like my children. I have a special connection with each of them. The good thing is, I can always write more. :)

6. Your official debut album will hit stores this year; is there a tentative release date?

Yes, hopefully THIS YEAR. All I gotta say is all the stuff I did with red is DOPE and the new stuff I've been working on with other people SLAYS. Its DEFF gonna be a sick record. NO FILLER SONGS.

7. Were you pleased with the response to your debut single 'This Is What Rock n' Roll Looks Like'?


8. You scored a collaboration with Lil’ Wayne on the first single, can fans expect more duets on the album, or just that one?

Top secret.

9. There’s a huge time gap in between your first single, and the follow-up "Naughty Naughty" (almost 9 months), why this delay? Is it true you’re re-doing the album, recording new songs, and scrapping some?

Why is this delay? To be honest there’s no good excuse.

10. “Naughty Naughty" got released on iTunes on December 13th. Describe for us the song, and tell us why it is a good second single.

It's fun. it's naughty. it's shameless. it's catchy. it's fun to dance to and EVERYONE can relate.

11. There was a little confusion about the “Naughty Naughty" music video. There’s an unofficial thing going around [Watch below]. When do you plan to film the real vid, and do you have a video treatment already in mind?

These are questions I ask myself EVERYDAY. I wish I had answers. But I don't. I THOUGHT it was going to be released n shot in Jan. Now it's almost march. At this point I feel like it's to late to shoot a video.

12. Back to the album, we read it's fully produced by RedOne. How much control did he allow you over it?

Red did a lot but there's other songwriters and producers as well. Everything from everyone is sounding great.

13. We know RedOne likes to record his songs in different studios around the world, have you travelled much with him?

Paris. Sweden. Madrid. Miami. NYC. Los Angeles.

14. What are your favorite songs on your upcoming album? People ask if you’ll include a ballad?

My ballad I did is called “How Do U Love Someone.” I wrote and produced it with Billy Steinburg. He wrote Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” He's da Bomb.

15. Moving on to other things now…what's playing on Porcelain Black’s iPod?

Rihanna. Gotye. Awolnation. Bowie. Nine Inch Nails. Jay-Z. Kanye. DMX. Aliyah.

16. The last album you purchased?

Led Zeppelin vinyl.

17. Your dream collaboration would be with?

Trent Reznor.

18. Best of luck! Thanks for sharing a bit of your time with us. Any last thing you would like to tell/share with our readers?

Check out my new clothing line coming out spring 2012 Porcelain Black. Check me out in the ‘Rock of Ages’ movie alongside Russell Brand and Tom cruise :).

Buy Porcelain's new single 'Naughty Naughty' on iTunes!

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