Kelly Clarkson Premieres "Wrapped In Red" Official Music Video!

kelly clarkson wrapped in red video

Now this is something you don’t see very often. For the second single of an album to come out after one year! Christmas is coming and Kelly Clarkson is back at it. But this time she’s not coming out with a NEW holiday album but promoting the one she already released in December LASY YEAR! Strange? Not that actually. RCA is being smart here. “Wrapped in Red”, Kelly’s first ever Christmas album, was a big seller in late 2014 so why replace it with a new one, right? RCA is giving “Wrapped in Red” CLASSIC status already by promoting it this holiday season. MAJOR!!!

The official single last year was “Underneath the Tree” and this year it’s going to be the title track “Wrapped in Red”. Kelly recently shot a music video for the cute Christmassy record and she premiered today (Nov. 25) exclusively on Not the most usual online outlet to premiere music videos but whatever! The important thing is that we have a new Kelly Clarkson MV! Yey! The Kween is kind of back! Watch below:

kelly clarkson wrapped in red video

“Wrapped in Red” music video review

It shows beautiful Kelly performing “Wrapped in Red” in red and black dresses against bright and dark backdrops as old footage – of apparently her in her child days celebrating Christmas – is shown on screen. It’s a cute little visual.

What do you think of the video?

By on November 25, 2014
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