Kelly Clarkson Gets STANDING OVATION For Her Reba McEntire 'Fancy' Cover Performance: A Must-Watch!

kelly clarkson reba mcentire tribute
kelly clarkson reba mcentire tribute performance

At the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors, taped on December 2 but aired on TV on Wednesday night, Kelly Clarkson was the center of attention thanks to her outstanding performance. Reba McEntire was supposed to be getting all of the attention at the event, as she was the artist being honored, but unfortunately for her it was her daughter-in-law who in the end stole all of the blog headlines. Kelly performed a cover of "Fancy", from the Reba's "Rumor Has It" album, as a tribute to Mrs. McEntire.

The performance was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING.

It felt like Kelly had been mentally and physically preparing herself for this moment. This was Kelly Clarkson at her BEST. Vocals, the emotion, the delivery, the body language... it was all perfection in this performance. Plus Kelly looked stunning.

People like Adam Lambert or Lin-Manuel Miranda were in complete awe as they witnessed the performance.

Kelly received a standing ovation from the whole crowd, even from Reba, as she concluded her slayage.

"I hope I did it justice" Kelly could be heard saying at one point. GURL, you did more than that. You actually IMPROVED the song.


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By on December 27, 2018

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