Kelly Clarkson Brings Out Baby River Rose In “Piece By Piece” Music Video: Watch

kelly clarkson piece by piece video
kelly clarkson piece by piece music video

Just a couple of weeks ago it was confirmed that the new single from the latest Kelly Clarkson album “Piece by Piece” would be the title track, as the heartfelt number was officially sent for radio adds by her label of RCA Records. And today, November 19th, Kelegend Klarkson makes the song feel even more “official” by releasing the music video on the VEVO network.

This black and white visual shows Kelly singing the powerful message of “Piece by Piece” in a very emotional manner as the director shows us images of random women experiencing different kind of feelings. There are also scenes where a pregnant mother caresses her belly and a mother and her little girl share a hug. What’s up with all the parents and children moments in this video? Well, it’s because Kelly’s “Piece by Piece” song is about the relationships with her father and her baby girl River Rose. As you may know, Kelly doesn’t have the best relationship with her biological father, as it was first demonstrated in her hit song “Because of You” a few years ago. Her relationship with her father is pretty non-existent. He divorced her mother when she was young, he wasn’t by her side at important events, he didn’t show her much love, he broke many promises, and pretty much this is what a great deal of the song “Piece by Piece” is about. But she also makes a drastic comparison between her bad relationship with her dad and her amazing mother-daughter relationship with baby River Rose in it. Her dad may not have been there for her when she needed him, but she will always be there for River Rose, she says in “Piece by Piece”. And yep! That's the adorable River Rose whom Kelly holds in her arms in the ending of the music video!

Piece by Piece” is a really pretty song and I wish it the best of luck on the charts. Also, I really hope this latest Kelly Clarkson album gets some recognition at the upcoming Grammy Awards!

What do you think of the video?

By on November 19, 2015

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