Ke$ha - "Dirty Love" (Music Video)

Ke$ha knows her record label has given up on "Warrior", but she's still fighting! Just before 2013 ended the LA-born singer premiered the music video for her song "Dirty Love" ("my favorite on the record", she's said) on YouTube. Watch above!

The "out-there" visual is Ke$ha's directorial debut as she also states in the video description. The filtered music video shows the 26-year-old acting a fool, ripping her clothes off and trying to be sexy with the camera, as well as dancing with a pair of transvestite dancers, as the mighty rock beat takes over her.

kesha dirty love video
kesha glance in dirty love video

"Dirty Love" is a collaboration with rock legend Iggy Pop but he makes no appearance (physically nor vocally) in the music video. Sucks. Even though Iggy couldn't make it for Ke$ha's video shoot she should have included Iggy somehow.

"Dirty Love" is not a new official single off of "Warrior", as RCA has thrown the towel on the project as stated above. The music video release is just something Ke$ha wanted to give fans as gift for their continuous support. I'm sad the "Warrior" era didn't work out for her. Second album fail syndrome? or is it true too much Dr. Luke isn't good for Ke$ha?.

What do you think of the video?

kesha and Transvestite dancers
By on January 1, 2014

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