Katy Perry Serves Marie Antoinette & Joan D’Arc Realness In "Hey Hey Hey" Music Video: Watch

katy perry hey hey hey video
katy perry hey hey hey video premiere

Given the poor performance of the singles to date from Katy Perry’s “Witness” album, I think it was a unanimous belief from everybody that we wouldn’t see any more singles released this era. Because why? Why would Katy want to further upset herself and keep damaging her image with more flops, right? But, then there it came the tour. One thing is to let the album and singles flop, but the tour? Tours have always been Katy’s forte and she’s always sold out. Unfortunately, this “Witness” era ticket sales aren’t going the way everybody expected. The are many empty spaces in Katy’s venues and that ain’t cute. So what’s Capitol’s strategy to amend this embarrassing situation? Release a new single and a new music video. Katy’s done with the “Witness Tour” for this year but she will retake it in January 2018 and she will be on the road until August. And no ma’am, she cannot allow to have more embarrassing huge empty spaces at her arenas. So she’s betting everything on her new single “Hey Hey Hey”. She hopes this becomes the first mega hit of this era and makes fans want to sell-out the remaining dates of her tour. The music video for “Hey Hey Hey” premiered last night on VEVO and as expected, it’s a high-budget event.

Katy Perry will Marie Antoinette and Joan D’Arc realness in this “Hey Hey Hey” music video, which the pop singer will use to denounce sexual harassment and abuse on women. When her Marie Antoinette self is forced to marry a disgusting man and is murdered for slapping him on the face, Katy’s Joan D’Arc self will appear to get vengeance.

We totally dug this video. We liked the high budget, all the perfect details, the deep message conveyed, and of course Katy’s humor too.

By on December 21, 2017
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