Katy Perry Reveals Official Cover For New Single "Dark Horse" [Artwork Photo]

katy perry dark horse single cover

Hasta la vista, "Unconditionally"! It's the time of the "Dark Horse" now. The Juicy J-assisted song has finally been upgraded from mere promotional single to the new official “Prism” single. Congratulations!

The urban "Dark Horse" has been burning up the charts ever since its release, and ever since Capitol Records made the decision to pick it as the third single from the Katy Perry album last month, radios has been increasing its airplay, and iTunes sales have rocketed up again. This week, “Dark Horse” reached the #1 spot on iTunes USA bumping off Pitbull’s “Timber” off the peak.

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Unconditionally” is a good song, and pretty emotional ballad, but it just didn’t connect with the general audience that crazily much. It peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, though. But if a Katy Perry single doesn’t get into the Top 10…Houston, we have a problem.

Now that “Dark Horse” is an official single, it needed a proper artwork. Well, that has been revealed today! French radio NRJ unveiled the cover art for Katy's new single today (January 9th). Most likely Katy's label in France was the one sending NRJ the image, because it's not that common NRJ have this kind of exclusives.

The single cover sees Katy Perry, dressed as half a gypsy woman, half a knight? Something like that! You can see the “perfect storm” in the background too. Overall, pretty cool cover. Nice idea and nice execution. Loving how artistic it looks.

Thoughts? Like the Cover?

By on January 9, 2014
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