Katharine Mcphee Shows How HOT She Is In “Lick My Lips” Music Video: Watch

katharine mcphee lick my lips video
katharine mcphee lick my lips video premiere

Does someone have Katharine Mcphee’s phone number? Because I need to get her the memo that her new single and music video are out already.

Who the hell is her manager?

Kat’s new single “Lick My Lips” hit iTunes yesterday, and its music video premiered on VEVO today (May 26), and do you know how many messages promoting these events have been posted on the American Idol alum’s social accounts? As of this precise moment, NONE! So ridiculous.

I didn’t write a super positive review of “Lick My Lips” the other day, and sadly it’s going to be the same for the music video. I find it boring. So sorry Kat! You know that I love you, and your voice, but I’m just not feeling this era at all.

In the Diane Martel-directed clip for the retro R&B/pop songLick My Lips”, new single from Katharine Mcphee’s forthcoming third studio album, the beautiful singer shows how HOT she still is. Dayum! That body is MAJOR! Unfortunately, that’s the only exciting thing about this music video. The rest is pure stiffness and boredome.

The theme of the “Lick My Lips” music vid is Kat looking gorgeous and sexy in a revealing red ensemble, flirting with a bad boy-looking fella, who’s wearing his bad bass leather jacket, and a trio of weird girls who can’t stop eating garbage food.

What do you think of the video?

By on May 26, 2015

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