Katharine Mcphee - Say Goodbye (Music Video!)

Katharine Mcphee's beautiful ballad "Say Goodbye" has been included on the soundtrack of the upcoming faith-based film "I Am", directed by John Ward, and this has made possible that Kat shot a music video for the stunning song. Watch it in the player above. "Say Goodbye" can be also found on Mcphee's sophomore album "Unbroken" - released in January 2010. Kat has gone back dark! I mean, her hair is back dark lol. I actually loved her platinum-blonde hair with the short cut, and I think her dark/brown color would suit her better if she "recovers" her long hair. Anyways! I absolutely adore her whole "Unbroken" album, and I'm super mad it failed to impress in the USA. She promoted a lot but she simply cannot yet make a connection with the American audience. Sad. However, I read Katharine Mcphee is working on a christmas album to release it this coming holidays so I hope that sells well so Kat can boost up her confident.

By on September 14, 2010

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