Justin Bieber Jumps On Luis Fonsi's New "Despacito" Remix: Hear Him Sing In Spanish!

Justin Bieber Despacito

Justin Bieber just jumped on the Spanglish remix of the biggest Latin song of 2017 (yeah, the year may not be over yet but this single has been so big, like ridiculously big, that there ain't no way in hell that no other Latin song will be able to top it). We're talking about Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" (ft. Daddy Yankee). The Justin Bieber-assisted remix was released on digital stores this Monday morning (April 17) and Luis Fonsi only announced it on social media mere minutes before. Perhaps the decision of releasing it today was last minute?

This remix sticks with the same production and everything and it's just that Justin gets to sing a full verse in English and tries to blend in real nicely with Luis Fonsi singing some words in Spanish in the chorus. His accent was cute!

Will this remix open "Despacito" open the doors of English mainstream radios in the US? That's the whole objective, isn't it? Fingers crossed!

I wonder how many mansions has Luis Fonsi already bought with the money he's from "Despacito". This song is just HUGE, y'all.

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By on April 17, 2017

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