Justin Bieber Gets A Music Video For "Friends" Thank To T-Mobile!

justin bieber friends video
justin bieber friends video premiere

What happens when an ad is better than some of the music videos in your videography? That’s bad for the artist, right? That’s exactly what’s happened to Justin Bieber. Remember “Friends”? That standalone joint single between the Canadian singer and Bloodpop that got released in the summer? Well, to date the music video hadn’t received the music video treatment, despite the single doing pretty good sales and charts-wise, so who seized the opportunity? T-Mobile. The popular carrier just premiered a new ad in Germany (where it’s originally from) featuring not only the song “Friends” by Justin Bieber and Bloodpop almost in its entirety but it features Justin Bieber in the flesh too! Watch it below and we’re sure you’ll agree with us that this ad is better than some of the music videos in Justin’s discography. It’s very cute!

We got the idea the director wanted to convey with the music video, we liked the winter theme (it’s so right now), we thought the storyline went really well with the “Friends” lyrics, and we liked the flirtatious dynamic between Justin and his love interest. The chemistry was cute and believable. Even though the girl couldn’t see Justin (he was kind of a ghost singing the lyrics of the song she was listening to on her headphones), there was a connection of a cool sort.

Now what are Justin and his label waiting to purchase the rights of the ad from T-Mobile and upload it on Justin’s VEVO channel as the official “Friends” music video? Thank you.

By on November 20, 2017

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