John Mayer Dances Some In "Still Feel Like Your Man" Music Video: Watch

john mayer still feel like your man video
john mayer still feel like your man video premiere

John Mayer keeps on with the promotion of his latest album “The Search for Everything” (which he divided into two parts - or "waves" as he called them). He premiered the music video for the brand new single “Still Feel Like Your Man” on VEVO this Wednesday afternoon. Directed by Mister Whitmore, this could be John’s coolest music video ever! It sees him entertaining a crowd in a Japan meets China traditional chill “bar”. There’ll be people in kimonos, Kendo fighters and guys in Panda costumes. John will also gift us with some sexy dance moves!

By the way, didn't really get the plot of the “Still Feel Like Your Man” music video but it’s all good… it was cool to watch! And John Mayer DANCING? That’s not something we get to see very often. Let’s appreciate.

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By on April 5, 2017

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