John Legend (feat. Rick Ross) - 'Who Do We Think We Are' (Music Video)

G.O.O.D Music's John Legend unleashes the official visual for his latest single 'Who Do We Think Are' featuring Rick Ross. 'Who Do We Think We Are' will be appearing on John's upcoming 4th studio album 'Love In The Future'. Everything about this song just screams vintage and John Legend really followed through with that theme here in this visual. There's even a grainy effect(I hope that's not just my screen) added to give it that old school look. Heads up for those at work, there is some slight nudity in there.

Look out for 'Love In The Future' in stores on June 25th. Do remember, this is John's first solo album since 2008 so anything less than great will be disappointing. I'm fully confident John will deliver though, especially when you consider in that Kanye West is executive-producing the project. Purchase 'Who Do We Think We Are' over on iTunes and watch the visual above.

John Legend tells Billboard:

"The song is about living life to the fullest, About not being afraid to be a risk-taker and to pursue your dreams. But it’s also about enjoying and luxuriating in your pursuits. So in some ways we made a fantasy video that shows some reveling... a little sex. It’s a gorgeous video that I think people will like."


John Legend (feat. Rick Ross) - 'Who Do We Think We Are'
By on May 7, 2013
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