Jennifer Hudson Crawls Back To Her Ex In "Remember Me" Music Video: Watch

jennifer hudson remember me video
jennifer hudson remember me video premiere

Jennifer Hudson knows how to deliver intensity in a music video.

She just premiered the supporting visual for her latest single "Remember Me" (that "J-HUD" follow-up album is finally coming!) today on VEVO and it sees "The Voice UK" coach walking through a party crowd to get with that ex lover she's been missing.

Doesn't this video plot defeat the song's purpose, though? We thought "Remember Me" was a gospel-ish anthem about Jennifer Hudson knowing for sure that her ex lover would remember her at critical moments in her life (and that that would make her feel good) but this music video shows Jennifer practically crawling to his feet. The video opens with J-HUD exiting her fancy with-chauffeur ride, walking through a party crowd (the party takes place in the middle of multi-story parking lot) and positioning herself in front of her ex lover's car. Her ex will get out of her car and embrace Jennifer.

Hmmm, we don't like this. It feels like he has all the power in the relationship.

Anyhow, our favorite scenes of the "Remember Me" music video are when Jennifer is wearing that short satin dress and belting the song like her life's about to extinguish!

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By on April 10, 2017

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