Jason Derulo - "Trumpets" (Music Video)

Look away, Jordin! Jason Derulo makes out (or at least attempts to but is interrupted every time) with a voluptuous stripper, that is obviously not his girlfriend Jordin Sparks, in the music video for "Trumpets", the latest single from the Miami-born singer's third studio album "Tattoos". Watch the Collin Tilley-directed visual above.

I wonder how Jordin feels every time she has to see Jason getting hot and heavy with another woman? Poor her. Anyways, "Trumpets" is Jason's new single, and follow-up to "Marry Me", and it's quite obvious that...if the previous singles did alright on radio, and digital sales, this will follow that same path of moderate, yet profiting success. "Trumpets" is a radio-friendly pop tune, very Derulo-ish with infectious "trumpet melody" breaks.

As for the Collin Tilley-directed music video, it shows Jason and her voluptuous love interest getting cozy on the bed, and in the car, and getting interrupted before the "magic" happens by a band of trumpeters. Oh, the voluptuous lady will also play a killer stripper pole show for Jason. Not that's something he won't get from Ms Sparks...

What do you think of the video?

jason derulo cheating on jordin sparks
By on November 4, 2013

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