Janet Jackson Unbreakable

Janet Jackson with “Unbreakable” is the title track from her 2015 studio album.

I lived through my mistakes
It's just a part of growing
And never for a single moment
Did I ever go without your love
You made me feel wanted
I wanna tell you how important
You are to me... Love

Truth is, truth is that I wouldn't here
Without the love I stand on
Anytime I get lost in the world
You'll always be there
To care and share
In the joy and the pain
Our love wont change

What I share with you
Ever sacred everlasting
The greatest love for me
I love you
And it's pure
And it will endure
The world can't break down
The connection
Cause our lve is devine
And it's unbreakable

Faithful love that I will aways keep first
My heart will never be hurt
Family that walks through fire for me
So I don't get burnt
Fans & friends chime in
To a love that's true blue
I dedicate my love to you

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