James Corden Shades Jennifer Hudson With “Loser”, “I Prefer Beyoncé & Kelly Clarkson” Remarks On “Drop The Mic”: Must-Watch

jennifer hudson drop the mic
jennifer hudson drop the mic james corden

If you’re a hater of Jennifer Hudson (we aren’t, just saying), then this is your lucky day. Everything you probably ever wanted to say to the American powerhouse vocalist to the face (all negative of course) someone just did. And his name is James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS.

Jennifer Hudson and James Corden went on a rap battle on the new “Drop The Mic” episode that aired last night.

Although she won the battle, most likely because she was the guest and James told the audience beforehand to make her win no matter what, Jennifer was the clear loser. Her shady raps weren’t at the same level of James’s, who honestly went in for the kill from the second one and could’ve left Jennifer Hudson not wanting to make public outings for a long while because of the “humiliation” inflicted on her if it wasn’t for “Drop The Mic” actually being a comedy show.

So what did James “spit” at Jennifer?

  • He called her an “American Idol” loser, reminding her of her seventh finishing place on her season.
  • He said he preferred Kelly Clarkson to her.
  • He said nobody remembers her on “Dreamgirls” because Beyoncé was in it.
  • He destroyed her for her role on the “Sex and The City” movie.


Jennifer could only retaliate with attacks about James’s penis.

Evidently both Jennifer and James’s rap “lyrics” were written by someone else, someone from James’s show’s team, so everything that James “vomited” on her last night didn’t come from a place of hate. However, I’m very curious as to whether they rehearse this together or not. Could they have rehearse separately so neither would know the other’s rap lyric and they could give honest reactions during the taping? I want to believe this. Because if they had rehearsed together, I know for sure Jennifer Hudson wouldn’t have let James throw all that shade to her. She would have edited it down. Right?

By on June 8, 2017

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