J. Cole - "KOD": Album Lyrics

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Read all the lyrics from J. Cole's brand new album "KOD" now!

"KOD" is the fifth studio album from rapper J. Cole. It is the follow-up album to 2016's "4 Your Eyez Only". "KOD was released in stores today, April 20th via Dreamville Records, Roc Nation and Interscope Records. (Trivia: The release of "KOD" was announced only with a few days in advance making it a big surprise for all J. Cole fans).

"KOD" is made of 12 Tracks in total and kiLL edward is the only guest artist.

The producers who helped J. Cole in the creation of this album were: Ibrahim Hamad, Mark Pelli and T-Minus.

The cover art for this "KOD" has to be one of the coolest I have seen in a very long time. Just look at it at the top of this page, that's pure art right there! Should be in a museum or something!


1. “Intro

2. “K.O.D

3. “Photograph

4. “The Cut Off” feat. kiLL edward

5. “ATM

6. “Motiv8

7. “Kevin’s Heart

8. “Brackets

9. “Once an Addict (Interlude)

10. “Friends” feat. kiLL edward

11. “Window Pain (Outro)

12. “1985 (Intro To “The Fall Off”)


By on April 20, 2018
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