J. Cole Ain't That Some Shit

J. Cole with “Ain't That Some Shit” Track 13 off of Cole's sophomore album 'Born Sinner'

Motherfucker try
Say I can't come to the hood, true lie
See I would but I'm out in Dubai
When I get back I'mma roll through that
Snatch yo bitch give yo niggas dap
The hood gon' ballistic, Cole was here and you missed it
That nigga walk like Obama man
Shake yo momma's hand and kissed it
This pimp shit, pimp shit
Cole hard, you limp dick
My flow hard no wimp shit
Put in that work no temp shit
Yo bitch wearin' that lipstick
Gave this dick a french kiss
That nigga so wack when the bitch came back
Kissed her hoping that it get him sick, ha
Ain't that some shit
Well paid for this rap and shit
Ville made it to the map and shit
Niggas move cane like Kappa shit
Ain't that some shit
For no Benz and Range and my mattresses
For fuckin' these bad little actresses
I'm bad as shit

I got that work
Say what? My flow
Say what? My bitches
Say what? You Cole
Say what? I said

[Hook 3x]
Say what?
Ain't that some shit
Well paid for this rap and shit
Ain't that some shit bitch

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Bounce (bounce) (4x)

Flow, flow, flow, flow
Flow tight put a nigga in a headlock
Fuck hoes out of wedlock
Nigga bed rock
Red hot, so they got red dots
Pullin' that trigger nigga better be a head shot
Money long like dread locks shit
If you send shots then you bet not miss
For a couple G's, send a couple G's
Fuck copping pleas, Matlock shit (testify)
I gotta testify
Came through humble so it's best if I
Explain the noise shit, rockin' jewels shit
Got the full clip, cock and pull
Stop the bullshit watch the flow
How you gon' stop the unstoppable
Keep bitches on they toes no Dr. Scholls
It's the Roc bitch, rock and roll

[Hook 3x]

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Bounce (bounce) (4x)
My nigga Syience killed this beat

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