Introducing Nate Green: Talks Travelling The World, Debut EP & Being A Country "Hottie" In Exclusive Interview

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Travelled all around the world studying and recording music, opened for Little Big Town and Zac Brown Band, and soon be releasing his debut EP; that’s a quick summary of up-and-coming country singer Nate Green's music career. At 25 years of age, the Bardstown, Kentucky native has done a lot. A lot, a lot.

Nate’s been aware of his singing and songwriting talents from a young age, although it wasn’t until he was in college when he made a binding decision about his future in music. His family assumed Nate would finish college and eventually take over the family-run funeral business. But he had other plans. A week before final exams of his freshman year, Nate packed his bags and moved to Music City aka. Nashville. He just couldn’t delay his music career anymore. He had dreams, big dreams. But Nashville wasn’t Nate’s final destination. He did make a few connections there, played a few gigs, but he saw a bad face of the industry there where he was forced to change who he was musically. He didn’t like that.

Nate then moved to Miami where he kept on writing and recording music, and picked up a job as bartender which helped him save money for his future plans. It was in 2011 when Nate Green set out on the journey of his life. He traveled all around the world studying and recording music. It was in Spain where he recorded his debut country single “Wild and Free”. When he returned to the U.S, he established in New York City, recorded a bunch of new demos, made new (better) connections, got the opportunity to open for huge country acts, and after all he had experience, he knew the world was ready to hear his music.

Nate will soon be releasing his debut EP, the first single "Wild and Free" has been out for some time – don’t miss Nate's steamy scenes there – and a second single, "Back Road”, will soon be launch. caught with Mr. Green last week to discuss about his exciting life, his music influences, how he felt when named him one of the HOTTEST GUYS in country music, his upcoming EP, among many other things, in a very exclusive interview! And don't miss his shout-out below!

The Interview

1. Hi Nate! Thanks for sharing a bit of your time with us. Where are you answering this Q&A and what's your day been like?

Absolutely! I appreciate the opportunity. I am actually on my couch at home doing a whole lot of nothing, so you caught me at a good time .

2. You were born and raised in Bardstown, Kentucky. Your childhood home was just above the funeral business your family run. How exactly was life living above the dead? And, do you plan to take over the family’s business in the future?

Well, life above the dead was normal to me. It took a while for my friends to get used to coming over to spend the night, but after the first visit it was cool. My house was in the middle of town, so when I started high school it became convenient - I guess as convenient as a funeral home can get! I’m sure I would be in the family business, had I not found my calling in music.

3. When exactly did you realize you had the talent of singing and writing songs?

In high school. My choir director forced me to start singing solos, so I did and it turned out that I was decent at it. It wasn't until college that I started to write my own music and really develop my craft.

4. The week before your final exams of your freshman year at college you packed your bags and drove to Nashville. Was your family supportive about you changing college for a career in music?

Haha, yes, surprisingly! My mama was the one who told me to do it! I have the strongest support system imaginable, and even though I felt destined for music, the fact that they were so supportive only reassured me that this is the path I needed to be on.

5. In Nashville you played in a few bars and quickly made some industry connections. Unfortunately those connections wanted you to change your vision of music and your way of song-writing. Were you upset at the time?

I would be lying if I said I wasn't upset. I think every one in this business is looking for their "style" and their way of standing out, and everyone is always hoping that each opportunity presented to them is ‘the one’. Those folks were great producers and songwriters; I was just fitting too much into their mold that sounded like everyone else at the time. It just wasn’t me, and I had to back out.

6. In 2011 you set out on the journey of your life. You travelled the world to study music. I believe you went to Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Mexico. How exactly did this happen? Where did you get the funding?

I saved up from my bartending job, and had some good connections that helped me with music contacts in Europe. I worked with quite a few producers and writers on several demos all over the world, and the trip happened mainly for musical inspiration and it changed my view on music a lot! Life changing!

7. Were you especially fascinated by the music culture of one of the countries you visited?

Man, that's a hard question! France was incredible because I got to see A LOT of it and I was able to really dive into their past and present sounds. The music was so different from anything I had heard, so that stands out to me the most when thinking back on my travels.

8. Your first single “Wild and Free” was produced in Spain. Tell us a bit of the story of the creation of “Wild and Free”. When it comes to country music, Spain isn’t the first place to come to mind to produce a song of this genre.

Haha! Well, while I was in Paris, I worked with a producer named Mickels Rea who won Star Academy, which is like their version of American Idol. During our writing, I heard about a producer named Nemowave who gaining a lot of attention in Spain for his work with big acts in the area. He was like a Spanish, Pop Avicci, you could say. I had an idea for this song with a signature banjo riff and really wanted him to check it out. I reached out to him and he was interested in the song, so we tossed ideas back and forth and “Wild and Free” was born!

9. Then you moved to New York City. You recorded a few demos there that opened you a few doors. You managed to be the opener at shows of: Little Big Town, Dierks Bentley, or Zac Brown Band. That must’ve been amazing for you! And you didn’t even have an official single out yet! What was the experience like?

The demos that opened those doors were actually recorded before I moved to New York City, but to be able to perform in front of artists who are at that level of accomplishment was incredible! It is so humbling and I'm as much a fan as I am an artist. New York was quite an experience too - awesome city, pretty quick pace but good pulse and energy! I would like to go back one day and take my sister, she has never been!

10. I read that you even opened for Mexican pop star Gloria Trevi at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. I just couldn’t believe this when I read it in your biography. Did you even know who Gloria was? Was the reaction of the Mexican audience to your music positive? Because I don't think country music is a popular genre there.

I actually hadn't heard of her before they reached out, but, my friends in Miami knew of her and told me it would be a great experience and that I couldn't miss it! I would love to learn Spanish and one day sing it. The crowd involvement and enthusiasm there was unlike anything I've ever seen. She is one of the biggest icons in Mexico, so even being in the same building as her, much less holding a mic beside her, was awesome.

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11. Coming back to present time. All your travelling around the world, intense work in the studio back in the States and playing gigs left and right will have a reward very soon. You’re releasing your debut EP in September. Tell us about what music fans can expect from this project.

I appreciate that, thank you! They can expect the unexpected, really. I've stuck to my roots in writing and thrown in sounds from all over. It really is a melting pot of sounds and instruments all boiled down into my presentation of country music. Even the simplest thing like a fiddle, we found ways to add something under or over it, like a subtle beat, to make it really stand out and make you think "wow that's new." This was an inventive project for me, and I am certain the listeners will hear the difference.

12.You will release a second single before EP release. What’s the song's title and what can you tell us about the single’s sound and message?

Yeah we are rolling out another record here pretty soon titled "Back Road." The song is a progressive journey taking you away from the bright light, fast-paced city life, and showing you the way I live; the way I grew up in the country. The sound itself is as much of a contrast as the city is to the country. It's a fun song and a defining moment in my writing career.

13.The music video for “Wild and Free” has some “steamy” moments. Were there any fun anecdotes at the shooting?

Well, the actress in the video jumped in to play the role when another one backed out at the last minute. She made the whole video, and she was incredible! It was a good time in the middle of the desert.

14. recently named you one of the "10 Hottest Guys You've Ever Seen In Country Music". Are you proud to have made it on the list? Do you work out a lot?

Yeah, I was surprised actually. I appreciate that compliment! Kind of funny reading it about myself, but I'll take it! I love to work out and do it on a daily basis. I’ll stay awake for days if I don't work out, so I make sure I do something active at least once a day so I can sleep.

15. What are Nate Green’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

My iPod is all over the place all the time, so I looked at my actual last 5 played:

Sundy Best – “Home”

Eli Young Band – “Dust”

One Republic – “Love Runs Out”

Lana Del Rey – “West Coast”

Tiesto – “A Town Called Paradise”

16. Your dream collaboration would be with…?

I’d love to collaborate with Keith Urban. I grew up listening to him, and he is one of my biggest inspirations. I think if we ever did a record together, I probably still wouldn't believe it even if it got to radio! Maybe y'all can set that up for me ;)

17.The last album your purchased was…?

Sundy Best - Bring Up The Sun

18.You cite Taylor Swift as one of your influences in your biography. She recently released a new single called “Shake It Off”. Are you a fan of POP Taylor?

I'm actually a fan of all Taylor. Her talent for writing is just unbelievable and probably won't happen again in our generation, and I think she nailed it with “Shake It Off”!

19.Thank you for your time Nate! Best of luck with everything! Is there any last thing you'd like to share with our readers?

Of course, I appreciate y'all for taking the time to speak with me! I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and a give a special shout out to all of my #WildThings who follow me on my social media – you guys are making this journey possible! I couldn't do it without them and can't wait for them to hear what I've been working on. We’re kind of like a little ol family and if you haven't joined, jump on over! Thanks!

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