Interview: Skylar Stecker On New Music, Hitting #1 on Billboard Again & Dream Collaborations!

Skylar Stecker interview

At age 15 Skylar Stecker has accomplished so much. She’s been signed by Cherrytree Records, the same label that brought up Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding, she’s released studio albums and EPs, she’s received the blessing of Z100’s Elvis Duran as an “artist to watch”, she’s performed the US national anthem in stadiums, she’s recorded songs for movie soundtracks, she’s been an actress on a Disney series, and she’s performed on NBC’s “The Today Show”, among other feats. Need more reasons to check out Skylar? Well, what if I tell you that she’s hit #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Songs Chart twice already. Amazing, right? First she did it with her cover collaboration of “Sweet Dreams” with JX Riders last year, and then she repeated the #1 feat with her solo single “Only Want You” this summer. And Skylar isn’t planning on slowing down. This fall she released a new single called “Blame”, she just released an original Christmas song called “This Year”, and she plans to give fans a new songs-filled project in 2018. Get to know a little bit more about Skylar Stecker in the exclusive Q&A with did with her a few days ago.


1. Hi Skylar! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

SS: Hi! I am sitting at a table in the living room and its about 6pm on a Tuesday. Today was great. Thank you!

2. First let’s talk about your new single “Blame”. For those out there who have not heard the song yet, how would you describe it lyrics and sound-wise?

SS: Blame has a flirtatious vibe right from the start that pulls you into the bigger more powerful chorus. It brings upon a more confident feeling lyrically and sound-wise.

3. Is it true that “Blame” is part of a larger project (an album) that’s coming out next year? If so, what can fans expect from that project?

SS: Yes, it is. I have been working for the past 2 years on writing and recording a ton of new material and I can't wait for my fans to hear this new era of music! Its quite a big difference from my last album. I am definitely more comfortable with who I am as a person and an artist now. The new material is more R&B inspired and is a truer representation of the type of music I like and what I listen to outside of the studio.

4. You’ve also just released a Christmas song called “This Year”, and it’s entirely original music. What made you release this song and how do you often celebrate Christmas?

SS: Historically I have performed or recorded classic Christmas songs . I wanted to do something different for this which gave me the idea of "This Year". So I worked around that theme to write an original holiday song that I could perform and be proud of for years to come.

5. This year you obtained your second number one on Billboard’s Dance / Club Songs Chart thanks to “Only Want You”. How did you react to the news? Where were you? And… how does it feel to be the youngest artist to have achieved this feat? Must be an indicator that a bright career is ahead, right?

SS: Thank you! I was beyond excited when I heard the news! To be honest, all I could think about was where I was going to put the plaque! I am so grateful to all the DJ’s who supported “Only Want You”. I know that without all of their help, I couldn’t have achieved being the youngest artist to have 2 #1 songs on the Billboard Dance chart.

6. You’ve performed several radio shows where you’ve shared stage with some of pop’s biggest names. What are a few anecdotes from those events that you can tell us? We’re sure you must have been starstruck a few times!

SS: I’m don’t usually get star struck, but Miley Cyrus was so down to earth and has such a great voice. She was extremely humble on and off stage. I loved watching her! I truly respect all of the artists I performed with because it's a lot of work and I appreciate the grind and their love for their music.

7. What are Skylar’s Top 5 most-played songs (by other artists) right now on your phone?

SS: Dua Lipa (New Rules), Bruno Mars (That what I like), Post Malone (RockStar), Beyonce (Crazy in love), Imagine Dragons (Thunder)

8. Who would be your dream collaboration and why?

SS: Hands down Bruno Mars or Beyonce! They are so particular with everything they do musically and are true entertainers in every sense of the word.

9. What advice would you give to other young talented singers that want to officially commence a career in the industry?

SS: My advice is to work really hard and to stay true to who you are and the music that inspires you. Don't let others opinions discourage or change that. There is only one you!

10. Thank you for your time, Skylar! Any last thing you’d like to share with our Direct Lyrics readers?

SS: Thank you so much for the opportunity and support!

By on December 11, 2017
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