Imagine Dragons Premiere Dramatically Good New Song "Natural": Listen Here!

imagine dragons natural

Imagine Dragons have premiered a brand new song titled “Natural” this Tuesday morning (July 17) on digital platforms. “Natural” is the latest official single from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, whose title and release date are yet a mystery.

Rather be the hunter than the prey / And you're standing on the edge, face up 'cause you're a... / Natural / A beating heart of stone / You gotta be so cold”, sings Dan Reynolds in the chorus of Imagine Dragons’ new song. This new track is signature Imagine Dragons kind of rock music and my favorite part has to be the chorus, which is very dramatic, fury-filled, great vocals-filled and kind of catchy too. Imagine Dragons just know how to deliver those rock songs that both will make them feel that they are not selling out to mainstream but will also be welcomed with open arms by Top 40 radios. They just got that formula!


Read the lyrics to "Natural" here

By on July 17, 2018

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