Iggy Azalea Shares Snippets Of New Single “Team” & Buzz Track “Zillion”, Dishes On Upcoming Album “Digital Distortion” Big Time!

iggy azalea digital distortion

Iggy Azalea is ready for round two.

The Australian female rapper dished out a lot of information about her upcoming second studio, which by now you must already know it’s called “Digital Distortion”, during an impromptu Q&A with her fans on Twitter today, December 28th.

She basically revealed all of the juicy details we wanted to know about her upcoming era. Here are the headlines:

Lead single is titled “Team” (Listen to a snippet)

Zillion” is still a go as buzz single. Will be out most likely in January (Listen to a snippet)

CD will be most likely released in April (via Def Jam)

There will be a lot of cool stuff release in January (“Zillion” included)

The sound of the album will be a mix of her mixtape sound and her newer stuff

The “subject matter” of the album is Iggy speaking her mind on the crazy year she lived last year

The title of “Digital Distortion” means liberating her frustration

Another track from “Digital Distortion” is “Elephant

“Digital Distortion” is done

Both “Team” and “Zillion” sound like bangers. I am excited.

Although my mind is telling me Iggy is going to flop with her second album and that she will have to rely on living from the royalties ofFancy”, my heart really wants for her to do well. I know she may not be the best female rapper ever and that she doesn’t write her own stuff, but she’s certainly a breath of fresh air in the female rapping game. Who else we got (that target the young crowds and are radio-friendly)? Only Nicki and Azealia!

Excited for Iggy's return?

By on December 28, 2015
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