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Iggy Azalea Gets Hardcore Again, Tries ASMR In New Songs “Kream” & “Tokyo Snow Trip”: Get A Listen!

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July 6 is here and Iggy Azalea has partially arrived. PARTIALLY? Yeah because we all understood July 6 was the date she was going to release her “Surviving the Summer” EP but NO! – July 6 was just the date she was going to release the EP’s first single, plus a promotional song, plus the EP’s pre-order launch. So she lied? HELL YEAH. See the tweet below.

Now the EP’s scheduled for an August 3 release (I mean….).

Anyhow, at least the new songs are good?

Stream “Kream” featuring Tyga (first single) and “Tokyo Snow Trip” (promotional song) below.



There seems to be a little light at the end of the tunnel for Iggy in the end! “Kream” and “Tokyo Snow Trip” are neither AMAZING nor “certified future chart hits” but they are a step forward for Iggy in contrast to the material she delivered in 2016, 2017, and even this year with “Savior”. Iggy is leaving poppy rap locked in the vault for a minute and she’s embracing her origins of “more hardcore” hip-hop again. And this is commendable. Now she only needs to find a hit to get in her label’s good graces and on radio again. She definitely will need to add a little “pop” to her music if she really wants that hit (maybe that song is the rest of the EP tracks?) to happen but I’m sure she can do it in a way that will feel comfortable and not forced to her. Something like “Black Widow” would be cool.

By the way, I would also love for Iggy to be a little more creative with her lyrics. “Kream” is your typical song about cash being so important and “Tokyo Snow Trip” is just about having sex (“Fuck me in the roads, get the Rolex”). And did anyone else catch the heavy ASMR influence on “Tokyo Snow Trip”? lol.

By on July 6, 2018
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