Iggy Azalea Finally Performed “Savior” On TV: But Did She Lip Sync On “James Corden”?

iggy azalea savior james corden
iggy azalea savior james corden performance

Iggy Azalea has finally delivered the first televised performance of “Savior”. And as expected it didn’t see Quavo sharing the stage with her. Remember how the Migos rapper threw shade at pop artists who needed him for hits? Well, it seems Iggy saw that tweet and immediately deleted Quavo as a contact on her phone. Hence he not being invited to last night’s “Savior” performance on CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

Iggy performed “Savior”, the first single from her forthcoming second studio album “Surviving the Summer”, rocking some pink hair and accompanied on stage by eight back up singers who replaced Quavo’s vocals for this TV performance. Iggy’s performance of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” tried to resemble the church theme of the “Savior” music video.

The performance was visually cool but I felt like there was something missing. More energy maybe? Yeah. And also Iggy looked too stiff and serious throughout most of the performance. The few times she smiled the performance got suddenly better. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I too think Iggy lip-synced yesterday.


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By on March 21, 2018
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