Iconic Androgynous Goddess Christine and the Queens Premieres "5 Dollars" Music Video: Must-Watch

christine and the queens 5 dollars video
christine and the queens 5 dollars video premiere

Has anybody seen my wig? I just lost it.

Christine and The Queens released this Thursday night her new single "5 Dollars" (she's really loving her English songs these days! And we love this because it means more penetration for her internationally!). At the same time, she premiered the official music video for "5 Dollars" on her YouTube channel. And GUYS, I don't know which I love the most... the song or the music video. So I'll just say both equally!

The lyrics are so revolutionary and thought-evoking! I'm literally going to get t-shirt or a hoodie that has the lyrics "Prove them wrong when you get 5 dollars" written on it tomorrow.

But now watch the music video (and get ready for the SLAYAGE)

My God!!!!

Christine = iconic androgynous goddess!

I loved every scene of this music video. The shower scenes were so powerful and when Christine put on her suit at the end... OH WOW! I didn't know a mere outfit could give me so much life!

I literally need to make this my every day morning routine.

* Christine and The Queens' new album "Chris" will be out next month. There will be English and French versions (yey! Can't wait to hear "5 Dols").

By on August 16, 2018
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