Hyoyeon aka. HYO Releases New Solo Bop “Punk Right Now”: K-Pop Music

hyo Punk Right Now
hyo Punk Right Now video

Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation is enlarging the catalogue of songs of her solo career and she's doing it now that GG is on hiatus. Hyoyeon, who now gotta by the stage name o HYO, although for us she will always be Hyoyeon, premiered today a new solo song titled "Punk Right Now", a collaboration with American producer 3LAU. "Punk Right Now" is HYO's second solo song of the year after she released "Sober" in the spring. And just like "Sober", HYO is releasing Korean and English versions of "Punk Right Now" - and both version have their own music videos, which premiered on YouTube today too.

Although the song is titled "Punk Right Now", there's nothing punk about it and thank God. Instead, the K-pop talent offers a delicious and magnetic electronic track that will make you want to lose it when you hear in the club. And the accompanying visual is as captivating. There's lots of choreography, special effects, cool sceneries and lots of shots of HYO looking flawless.

By the way, I just recommend you to check out Korean version because the lyrics on the English version are cringey AF. Love you, HYO, but that's the tea.

By on November 15, 2018

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