Here’s Dinah Jane’s First TV Performance Of “Bottled Up” - On “Jimmy Fallon”: Watch Now!

dinah jane fallon
dinah jane fallon performance

Dinah Jane performed her debut solo single “Bottled Up” for the first time on television last night (Oct. 8) on NBC’s “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” and I think the performance went well. Is there room for improvement? Yes. But this was a good first performance any way.

Accompanied by Marc E. Bassy, who sang all the choruses, and by Ty Dolla Sign, who was there to rap his verse, Dinah Jane looked happy, youthful and excited while performing “Bottled Up” on this highly-viewed late-night show. I liked the entire routine, I liked how cute Dinah was acting the whole time, I admired her for delivering good vocals despite all the dance moves, and overall she should feel proud for this first performance. I applauded at my screen when she finished performing.

As for the “room for improvement” comment, I’m referring to the fact Dinah could rehearse even a little more or make some modifications to the routine so she’s not out of breath at some key parts of the performance, and also she has to do something about Marc E. Bassy singing the choruses. He was a mess every time he opened her mouth.


By on October 9, 2018

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