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Heartbroken Louis Tomlinson Drinks 5 Pints In "Miss You" Music Video: Watch

louis tomlinson miss you video
louis tomlinson miss you video premiere

Wondering how’s a night out in the life of Louis Tomlinson? Wonder no more because that’s exactly what the One Direction star gone solo shows us in his music video for “Miss You” – his newest single. The video sees Louis and four of his best friends going to a bar and drinking plenty of beer pints, then crashing a private party at some art gallery, and finally going for some dancing and jumping up and down at a popular club. The booze will be abundant, so will be the laughs and the good time with the friends in this music video. However, unlucky Louis Tomlinson will realize that when the party is over, the friends are gone, the music has stopped, and most of the alcohol has left his body, he will keep feeling the same anxiety he tried to get rid of in the first place: the anxiety of still missing his ex. *heart breaks for Louis*

We personally don’t like the song, despite giving it a few consecutive listens when it premiered, and seems like we’re not the only ones agreeing with this judgment. Despite the music video being out for a couple of hours already, “Miss You” isn’t, as of this post back on the Top 100 of iTunes USA and, as of this post too, it’s only peaking at #75 on the Top 100 of iTunes UK. We just knew this was a poor single choice. The song is just not good and kind of embarrassing.

By on December 8, 2017
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