Havana Brown Recruits Bebe Rexha For New Single "Battle Cry": Listen In Full Now!

battle cry havana cover

Meh. I was expecting better.

Australian singer, producer and DJ Havana Brown premiered today, July 23, a new single titled “Battle Cry” that features American singer Bebe Rexha (writer of the hook on Eminem’s “The Monster” hit who now has a solo career and is signed to Warner Bros. Music… if you didn't know who she was, this was a quick ‘bio’) and American producer Siva, whose name is credited on the title and cover of Havana’s “Battle Cry” single but his only real contribution is a part of the production. Why does this happen with certain songs? Why does producers get credited as if they were ‘collaborators’ when they have no singing in the song? So annoying.

Battle Cry” sounded real exciting in the official snippet released a few days ago by Havana, where you could hear the chorus, which sounded (and is) fine, but now having heard the song in its entirety, I find it to be a bit disappointing. It's not moving me, and I just don't see myself singing along to it or requesting it on radio in the near nor distant future. Bebe was the right guest choice to sing part of "Battle Cry", though. Her singing style fits this quirky, yet a bit underwhelming, tribal-esque electro-pop track.

Hit or Miss?

By on July 23, 2015

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