G.R.L - "Vacation" (Music Video)

Robin Antin's (creator of The Pussycatt Dolls) new girl group G.R.L have finally debuted the music video for their debut single "Vacation". The catchy, up-lifting Dr. Luke-produced pop number is featured on the soundtrack of "The Smurfs 2", but it also, apparently, will serve as the first single from G.R.L's debut studio album, out "soon".

"Vacation" is a strong debut single. It's well produced, and executed by the girls (good to see more than one sole girl actually SINGS in the group. No Nicole Scherzinger case in here). "Vacation" is so radio-friendly, that it's a shame their label ain't promoting it adequately. In fact, there's been zero promotion since its June 17 iTunes release. The music video is the only thing out now popularizing "Vacation", lol. What the heck, Robin?. How is G.R.L going to be the next PCDs like this?.

Anyway, as for the hot song's girly Hannah Lux Davis-directed music video, it's pretty good too! G.R.L members Lauren Bennett, Paula Van Oppen, Natasha Slayton, Simone Battle and Emmalyn Estrada will kick their lame boyfriends out of the G.R.L mansion so they can have fun; changing outfits, putting make-up on, and dancing inside and outside the house. The girls ultimately put on their nicest clothes to get picked up by Spice Girls' Mel B (how random was this..?) to drive away to an unknown location.

What do you think of the video?

mel b in grl vacation video
By on September 9, 2013

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