Grimes Revolutionizes ‘The Tonight Show’ With Epic ‘We Appreciate Power’ Performance: Watch

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Grimes deliver the first TV performance of her song “We Appreciate Power” live on “The Tonight Show” NBC on Monday night. She was accompanied on stage for this special occasion by “We Appreciate Power” collaborator HANA and two dancers. This is is hopefully the first taste of a whole lot of new music Grimes has in store for us in the coming months.

WATCH (click here for lyrics)

That was a cool performance!

If there's one thing that's always certain with Grimes, it’s that she's an original artist. What you just saw in this performance you will never have seen anyone do it in the past. Grimes' creativity is just fascinating. I loved everything she did on that stage, I loved how HANA got her LIFE from that guitar, and I loved the entire routine the back-up dancers in the back put on for us. I nodded my head along this entire performance and also did the ‘rock n roll’ sign every time that revolutionary hook kicked in. I'm a fan!

By the way, LOL at Grimes totally ditching Jimmy Fallon at the end. Rebel queen.

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By on December 11, 2018

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